About Waterhouse Center

The Waterhouse Center Ropes Course is located in Snohomish, Washington- away from distractions. It is away from the city, away from the noise- and is in the middle of the most beautiful of woodlands. The location of Waterhouse Center creates the perfect setting to learn and grow and jump away from self imposed/organizational imposed limitations.

The Center is operated by qualified professional facilitators who train and inspire groups with their knowledge, enthusiasm and facilitation skills. The specific goals and objectives of each group are foremost in developing the group's activities on the course.

The Waterhouse Center Ropes Course has high and low initiatives/elements utilized to focus on the goals of each individual group. Initiatives are best defined as "activities that teach." Many of the initiatives are designed so that participants must solve problems as they go. The facilitators will give instruction when needed, but have been trained to let the participants figure things out on their own as much as possible.

Challenge by Choice
No one is forced to participate in any of the activities. We believe in "Challenge by Choice." Participants are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and go one step further than they think they can go, however, the choice is up to them.

Physical Activity
A day at the ropes course may require some bending, kneeling, and lifting. Participants should be in fair physical condition. All persons are strongly encouraged to participate, and we will accommodate those with disabilities to the best of our abilities. Please notify the program coordinator of any special needs fourteen days in advance so that we may arrange the necessary accommodations.

Every participant is equipped with harnesses and helmets for safety at the ropes course.Safety
At the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course safety is our first concern. The Center is designed, built, maintained and run by trained facilitators who use state-of-the art equipment. The actual risk at the Center is very low. However, the perceived risk is what provides intense experiences that can foster personal and team growth.

In order to ensure the safety of the participants, staff and the environment, we follow strict guidelines provided by:

Everyone participating on the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course high elements is required to wear climbing harnesses and helmets. All Ropes Course Facilitators are qualified facilitators and are also fully certified in Adult and Child CPR and First Aid.

All adult participants must complete and sign an "Informed Consent Form for Adults."All minor participants, under age 18, must have their parent or legal guardian complete and sign an "Informed Consent Form for Minors." Completed forms must be turned in to the Ropes Course Facilitator by the day of the program in order to be able to participate on the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course.

What to do before coming to the ropes course:

To ensure a fun, safe, and successful Ropes Course experience, meet with the leadership of your group prior to the event and discuss possible objectives for attending the course.

Consider the following questions:

  1. Why are you choosing to participate in the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course?
  2. Please explain the background and structure of your group.
  3. How do the participants know each other?
  4. How long has the group been together?
  5. How are the participants currently interacting with each other?
  6. What are some areas of the participant's interactions that need attention (i.e.
    communication, teamwork, problem solving, cooperation, trust, etc)?
  7. Has the group ever had any teambuilding experience? If so, where?
  8. What would you like to gain from your experience at the Center? Please
    state your specific goals and objectives.
  9. Please explain any other special requests including participants with special needs.

Please note: We cannot address specific religious topics; however, we can address values and certain beliefs. If you have questions about this, please feel free to call so we may discuss the topic.