Waterhouse Center Clients

Who visits the Waterhouse Center?

Any group or organization that wants an extraordinary, life changing day.

Corporations, school cohorts, teams, and families are just some of the organizations that visit the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course.

  • American Steel
  • U.S. Marine Bayliner
  • Captura Software
  • the Boeing Company
  • WA Dental Service
  • Microsoft
  • Getty Images
  • WA Natural Gas
  • Shandwick
  • G.T.E., Attachmate
  • Conexus
  • Seattle Storm
  • Bothell Police Department
  • Children's Hospital Bellevue
  • Bellevue Police Department

and many Washington colleges and high-schools and hundreds of churches and youth groups.

What have people said about Waterhouse Center?

"The Waterhouse Center program is unquestionably of long term value, breaking down barriers to effective teamwork much more rapidly than traditional classroom training."

~ Eldon McBride, Boeing

“I loved the variety! Very creative obstacles in a great setting. There are other courses in the area, but this is the original and the best!”

~Tolman Nelson, Attachmate

“Not wanting to fall, I discovered, is a powerful motivator. Absolutely everything else in the forest was a blur. I had no idea how far away the next platform was; I just knew I wanted to get there. My knees felt like Playdough. I had never focused so hard on anything in my entire life!”

~Bill Stewart, Conexus

"It was the best day of my life."

~Curtis W., age 15

"The Waterhouse Program can help people learn to make their organization stronger by improving teamwork"

~ Bernadette Mitchell, Evergreen Hospital

"The Waterhouse program helped the managers examine how organizations develop patterns of behavior and ways employee relate to each other."

~ Jack Swaney, GTE

…an experience I'll never forget and I'd come back again if I had the chance."

~ Danie L., age 17