Waterhouse Center Programs

Each group that visits the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course will experience a customizable program depending on the needs of their particular organization. All programs consist of icebreakers and initiatives/elements- low or high or a combination of both.

Initiatives/elements are defined as problems or obstacles that challenge individuals and groups both mentally and physically.

Each initiative at the Waterhouse Center Ropes Course encourages and promotes growth, confidence and trust. Teamwork, communication and leadership are required to accomplish the initiatives. Participants will be encouraged to think outside the box and broaden their horizons and the limitations they have set for themselves.

There are nearly 50 initiatives at the Center with a countless number of icebreaker events.

Icebreaker Events: Before putting participants on the ropes course, they will be taken through a couple of icebreaker events. The icebreakers are designed to get participants to start thinking outside the box and working together.

Group working as a team in one of the low-course initiatives.Low Initiatives: With more than 26 low activities on our course, there is something for every group to promote teambuilding, communication, respect, trust, personal accountability and leadership. Our extensive course makes Waterhouse Center one of Washington's premier ropes/challenge courses. From trust falls to our new King's Finger, the low elements are sure to make your organization work together!

High Initiatives: The Center has nearly 20 high elements including our Power Pole, Giant's Ladder. These can be stand-alone initiatives or combined with a half-day low ropes course. These initiatives are designed to challenge each individual's personal boundaries.  No matter what the comfort level may be for each individual, our facilitators are sure to find the challenge point to help each person face their self-imposed limitations.

Portable Initiatives: Your organization wants a ropes course experience but can't come to the Center? We can come to you! Call the Center to get more information: 360-794-0415.

Ranging from four hours to multi-day programs, the Center can customize a ropes course challenge program to work with your schedule.

  • Full Day Programs - Four to six hours
  • Multi Day Programs - If your group is too big to bring everyone to the Center in one day or if you're looking for a more extensive ropes course experience, inquire about a multi- day program.

Please call the Center for pricing. 360-794-0415